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Trench Mentality Football Training

Lead from the Front

Our Training Sessions provide elite instruction designed to enhance play at any level of football.


Trench Mentality OFFSEASON TRAINING will focus on FOOTBALL specific exercises and training. These training sessions will also provide a challenging workout. We will help the athlete learn how to work hard and use proper techniques that will help them continue to improve in the off-season so they are better prepared for the upcoming season.

Starts Sunday, February 18th

Grades 8-12: We are organizing individual or small groups for Sunday afternoons. 

                        Cost:  Individual Training $45/hour

                                   Groups of 2: $80/hour ($40 each)

                                   Groups of 3-6: $100/hour (split up accordingly)

Grades 4-7: This will be larger group beginner class on Sundays at 1:00-2:00pm. Cost: $60 per month or $20/class.

Please call, text or email us to register. (412) 654-3541

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