at Brady's Run Fitness

Reservations are required for all group classes, via the Gymmaster Member Portal App. 

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Looking to develop new lifting skills? Lifting for all levels of strength and development. Come lift with us as we spend one hour doing strength building exercises like: barbell training, log bar training, farmers carries, tires, sled work, yoke walks, deadlifts and so much more! Most movements are quick to learn and have infinite scaling ability, so strength and experience aren’t an issue!! Learn functional weightlifting and strongman concepts!

BRF45 Barbells & Bootcamp

This workout will give you a full body workout. It begins with a dynamic warmup, proceed to a lift, and finish with a circuit style bootcamp session. Coach Jeff & Brianne will program the workout. You will see similarities pulled from the BRF45 workouts with TRX, kettlebells, agility moves, DB, and introducing barbell work to the beginners.

Boxing & Barbells is a true boxer’s workout. We focus on one COD (Combo of the Day) every workout. The trainer will spend a few rounds working with new or returning trainees on the proper form and footwork of the combination being used in class that day. The rest of class is comprised of boxing, weights, and core work.  

It delivers an intense workout in a very short time. During each 45-minute workout, you’ll hit the 100lb heavy bag, speed bag, jump rope and more. Participants will learn a whole new meaning for the word “intensity.”

BRF Tighten & Tone

Tighten & Tone is a weight training class. You will strengthen, chisel and tone your body with high repetitions and low resistance (weight). This is a non-aerobic class.

BRF Bootcamp

This 30 minute utilizes plyometric training  to increase speed, agility and strength all while burning calories and having fun.