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We are working in conjunction with ATP Nutrition.

You tell us your goals and we'll get you there.​

6-week Challenge starts on September 22.  *Must sign-up/pay by September 15. 

Prizes awarded for top MALE & FEMALE (Prize is TBD based on # of participants) 


What do you get?

1) Meal plan based on your goals

2) Support group on Facebook to keep you motivated & accountable

What do participants have to do?

1) Record weekly weigh-ins and measurements at the gym or email to Brianne/Curt

2) Final weigh-in/measurement at gym on October 27  (winners announcement during week of October 28th)

What is the cost?

$100 (turns out to be less than $17/week)

Next steps? Coach Dani will reach out to you to discuss goals and set meal plan

Who is Coach Dani with ATP Nutrition?

  • B.S. Exercise Science

  • Master's in Exercise Physiology

  • Ohio Army National Guard

  • Police Academy

  • Placed 2nd at the 2012 Crossfit Games as a Team Member of SPC Crossfit

  • CrossFit Games Regionals Athlete

  • Can quote almost all of "Step Brothers"

  • 2018 CrossFit Games Team Athlete

coach dani.png

How It Works:
Step 1: Discuss Goals
Step 2: Send coaches list of health/diet
questions so they can start on a customized diet plan
Step 3: Coaches create customized diet
programming based on goals
Step 4: Get Weekly Menus with on-going
support/changes if needed based on
how you feel








"I’ve had quite a few people ask me about my “diet” lately (plus Coach Dani was cranky with my lack of progress pictures) so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. I haven’t been on a “diet” at all. In fact, I’m eating a TON! I started working with Coach Dani at in February, after finally booking my Kilimanjaro trip and knowing that I didn’t want to haul all my chub up to the summit. I wanted to lose 50 pounds by my climb in January of 2019. Less than 6 months later, I’ve already surpassed that goal (I’m not sure of my total weight loss because I stopped getting on the scale after 50 so I could focus more on performance and less on
numbers, but I continue to see a difference in how my clothes fit, so I’d assume the weight is still coming off.) These pictures don’t show the half of it, though. The REALLY amazing change has been in my energy level and my performance in my workouts. NIGHT AND DAY. Seriously. They say there is no magic trick to weight loss, but I think working with Dani is about as close as you can get. On Saturdays, I receive my meal plan for the week. On Sundays and Thursdays, I do meal prep. Every day, I eat what I’m told, when I’m told.
Simple as that! I eat 6-7 times a day, so I almost never feel hungry, and my plan is personalized to  accommodate for my weird night shift schedule. In short, Dani makes it really easy to be successful. If you bring the commitment, she gets you results. I would 100% recommend her program to ANYONE! I have honestly never felt better. THANK YOU, Dani for everything!!!! (And no, I don’t get compensated in any way for sharing this info. I just really like the program and wanted you all to know it.)"

"I don’t know where to begin. Since starting Dani’s plan I have had huge change and success. I thought I was doing everything right or close to it but not even close. I met Dani in person to go over her plan I wrote down what 3 days of eating my way looked liked she looked at it and just smiled. Right there I new I was in for big change. I told her what I was looking for what everyone wants loose fat, gain muscle and feel good. Well I’m about 3.5 months in with her and she has delivered week after week. As of late I have lost 9.3% body fat and gained 9.6% of muscle. I’ll be honest I was skeptical at first not because I did not trust she knew what she was doing. I mean, look at her. It was because I got my first week meal plan and thought I was going to starve lol. I thought I’m going to burn all muscle. But I trusted her and the process and once my body adjusted to eating the right way I started to see the change in myself my workouts hitting PRs all around and just feel so much better. I also recover so much faster after working out. Thanks Dani I’m so glad I met you and we're not even close to being done yet."

"8 weeks of working with coach Dani Sidell. I’m happy with where I’ve come, but would’ve liked more-My own fault for not being 100% the last couple weeks. I feel more confident regardless. I’m loving the ease of the program and ready to attack this last week before HAWAII!!!" - Steph P.

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