We have rigorously examined all aspects of our business and designed a complete set of safety protocols. According to our building occupancy, we can allow 25 people allowed in the gym at one time.  We welcome all members back to the gym when they feel comfortable. You can restart your membership when you're ready. Email us!  We can meet all precautions and CDC guidelines for opening. If you do not feel comfortable returning right now, we will keep your membership on hold.

New Rules at Brady's Run Fitness:

Staff will review these rules at the beginning of each time slot/session.

  • 25 members allowed in the gym at one time

  • Members are not required to wear masks and gloves, but please follow social distancing rules

  • All people must enter and exit through the front doors so that we can maintain an accurate count of people inside the building

  • All members must wipe down their equipment before and after use

  • Clean towels and disinfectant bottles can be found in the lobby

  • The gym has been taped off into sections. Only one person may be in a section at any time

  • No super-setting between multiple machines.

  • Use two-man spotting technique

We can't stress this enough - wipe down all equipment, every single part of the bench or machine that you just used, not just the bench.

Below are pictures of how we have change the layout and taped the floors to help our members identify the socially distanced space around them. Photo credit: Rachel Price Photography



Frequently Asked Questions:

How many people will be allowed to exercise at once?

Starting Saturday, May 23, we will allow 25 ppl in the gym at one time; according to our occupancy. DAILY 7:30am-7:30pm. 

How do I ensure I'm 6ft away from someone during a workout?

We have taped off sections throughout the entire gym allowing ample social-distancing. Only one person may be in a section at any time. In the effort of social distancing, we ask you to try to not use bordering sections at the same time. We have removed cardio machines from the floor so that you have a large space surrounding you. We have also taped off 12x12 ft sections on the turf so you can utilize the StudioSweat on Demand classes or do your own HIIT workout.

Can I use chalk, weight belts, gloves, etc?

Non-essential items have been removed from the gym (i.e. chalk, shared weight belts, gloves, wraps, etc.). Please bring your own accessories or chalk.

What will be used to disinfect the gym?

We have purchased hospital-grade disinfectant and a tri-jet fogger to clean the gym. Members are also expected to wipe down used equipment. Clean towels and bottles of disinfectant are available for use in the gym lobby.  Place used towels in the basket in the lobby.

Will you be open 24 hours?

No, we will no longer be open 24 hours. Hours are 7:30am - 7:30pm DAILY. You will be checked in by a staff member upon entrance to the gym. (We will be back to 24 hours once we are in the GREEN PHASE).

Will there be staff on site during open hours?

A staff member will be on-site during open hours to monitor cleaning protocols and social distancing. Members are expected to wipe down everything touched.

Are you accepting new members?

Yes. Call us with any questions.

Will group classes be held?

Beginning in June, we will start offering a few classes such as Barre, Spin/Barre, Spinning, Outdoor Group Training, and a new class called BRF45. At this time, boxSTRONG and CrossFit classes will remain virtual.

Can I take Spinning, StudioSweat or TRX classes?

Yes. The turf area is divided in 12 ft sections, equipped with spin bike and TRX. Starting in June, we will publish a schedule of classes. Stay tuned!

Can I work with a personal trainer during this time?

Yes, please coordinate with your personal trainer on a time that works for you both. 

Can I take equipment outside the building?

Yes, feel free to take equipment such as dumbbells, barbells or any accessories outside. Please return everything to its original place and wipe down with disinfectant.

I have Active & Fit or Tivity Prime Healthways insurance program membership. Do you accept this?

At this time, we are unable to accept this type of membership. You can still visit the gym, but will have to pay for a regular membership $40/month. We have confirmed with both insurance programs that they will not cover the visit costs if BRF opens during the yellow phase. 

Gymmaster Member Portal App Link:

Download it on your phone from the Google Play Store for Android, or the iOS App Store for Apple.


-Jeff & Brianne


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